S100A Compliance Certification

This online safety refresher course is designed for those people who currently possess a valid, S-100 Fire Fighting Certificate OR a valid S-100a / 10a Annual Refresher Card. Some folks may be more familiar with calling this the 10a refresher course. It is the same course.

This course is directed toward the W.C.B. (WorkSafe B.C.) regulation - Occupational Health and Safety, (OHSR) Part 26, Section 26.19. This section requires anyone wishing to be employed on the fire line must have proper training to an acceptable standard. The standard that has been set is the Ministry of Forest's two day, S-100 Basic Fire Suppression Course. An annual review (S-100A) of the safety features of the S-100 course is also required by WorkSafeBC. OHSR s. 26.3.1 (1) requires that workers in a forestry operation who fight a forest fire must be trained. "Any untrained (to the acceptable standard) forest worker deciding, or ordered, to stay and engage a fire would place the employer in non-compliance."

The S-100a safety refresher course does NOT cover actual fire fighting procedures or tactics. The S-100a course is designed as a review of safety issues within the S-100 Course. We have also added other safety issues which are not in the S-100 but we feel are important. (i.e. rattlesnakes, hantavirus, and some vehicle safety). We make every attempt to keep all information as current as possible. Please note our comments which address the safety concerns of firefighting in stands of trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. It should also be noted that it is the responsibility of the worker, in cooperation with their employer, to be briefed on the specific company's fire equipment and internal safety policies and procedures.

A common Question we receive - "How many of our crew are required to have the S-100 training?" We have checked into this and the answer from WorkSafeBC (W.C.B.) is 100% of your ground crew who may be working in the forest MUST have taken and passed the complete, two day S-100 course, if, at any time they may be involved in a firefighting situation. The S-100A or 10a, as some refer to it as is the required annual safety refresher course for the S-100.


This course is intended to provide you with a meaningful review of the pertinent safety features of the British Columbia’s Wildland Fire Management Service’s S-100 Program. You must have previously completed the approved, S-100 Basic Fire Suppression & Safety Course, therefore all the material presented here is just review. Read each section carefully. If you are unsure of any topics you will find it very easy to go back and forth through the course material.


No matter what anyone tells you, at this time and not in the foreseeable future, is there or will there be a Province Wide Data Base for persons who have successfully completed the S-100 or S-100A Courses. Each instructor must keep their own list of students taught. No one else has access to these lists unless there may be a WorkSafeBC investigation of some type. EACH STUDENT IS ADVISED TO ENSURE THEY KEEP A RECORD OF THE DATE THE COURSE WAS TAKEN AND THE INSTRUCTOR’S NAME. This is going to become a major issue in the near future – KEEP RECORDS OF ALL YOUR TRAINING DETAILS