We have streamlined our ordering process and the tools available to Individuals

(If you are ordering a single course or not representing a Company, we refer to you as an Individual with a User Account)


  • Training can now only be booked and paid for online by registering as an Individual, selecting (1) course from the web store and then paying online.

    When you book online courses as an Individual you are given access to state of the art user tools

    You must ensure you select Individual when making your online purchase to ensure you receive the correct account access.  This will grant you access to Print your Certificates & Wallet Cards, View course progress, Continue a Course, Store your results in a secure enviroment and much more.....

User Account / Course Dashboard

  • As an Individual you are given access to tools that will help facilitate the delivery, studying and tracking of all your online courses.

    These tools are automatically made available after your purchase of any  course/s as an Individual. These tools are protected and only viewable via your own private secure Online Individual User Account.

    You can only access these tools if you are a registered individual user and enrolled in a course.  Only Users enrolled in a course that has been completed can access a  special set of tools to print certificates.